Leslie Allen
Studio 300A Art

Attempt what is not certain. Certainty may or may not come later. It may then be a valuable delusion.
Richard Diebenkorn
American Painter (1922-1993)

About Leslie Allen

Leslie Allen is a painter's
painter living and working in Sausalito CA

Leslie Allen has maintained her art studio in the historic Industrial Center Building in Sausalito's Marinship district for over 30 years. She is a founding member of the ICB Artists Association, perhaps the oldest and most vibrant artists collective in the country since holding its first public open studio event in 1968. 

Gallerist Donna Seager describes that Allen approaches each canvas without preconceived notions and allows the process to guide her through expressive painting, responding to every mark with a keenly developed improvisational style. She relishes the pure color and movement of oil paint on the surface, and “listens” to the paint. Allen has worked out her own visual language through years of experimentation, exploration and teaching, and her sophisticated paintings reveal a keen sense of color, gesture and division of space.

Allen's long-time mentor, painter Chester Arnold, wrote "Leslie Allen's ignition was brilliant, and the subsequent years of work have continued to amaze and delight lovers of high-octane abstraction."  

Allen also studied printmaking at Crown Point Press in San Francisco, and as an integral part of her expression as an artist and teacher, she credits her love of music for most all her artistic inspiration. Allen plays cello with the College of Marin Symphony Orchestra, and hopes to explore abstraction on cello in some way that rhymes with her artistic progression.

Leslie Allen is represented by Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley, CA, and archival prints of some of her works are published by Art Brokers Inc. in San Rafael, CA.   

Please visit Seager Gray Gallery linked below to view Leslie Allen's statement, bio/cv, exhibit catlogs. sales history and available paintings.